CMD-SPACE (Command space) consists of a team of four software engineers who have worked together on and off for the last several years. Since the last time we all had a chance to work for the same company we have all gone on to work on some great projects and learn unique technology skills we can leverage to create a truly adaptable team capable of overcoming any mobile or web development hurdle.


CMD-SPACE was formed In July 2020 when the four of us decided that the time was right to take our combined experience, cut out the middlemen, and start our own custom software shop. Our aim is to be able to help people reach their business goals through custom mobile and mobile first web applications, as well as avoid many of the pitfalls we have experienced first hand with developing mobile applications. We believe that quality software is equal parts aesthetic and structural integrity. We build everything from the viewpoint of security, maintainability, and user experience.

Companies we've worked with

Our team has worked with some amazing companies from all over the world

Let's work together

We have the capability to take your idea from design to release and beyond, but we are also passionate about working with other teams and sharing our knowledge. whether you're looking for an expert team to build your project from the ground up or, specialist help for your existing team, look no further, CMD-SPACE has got you covered.